One of the great privileges we have as Christians is the invitation to come boldly to God’s throne with our needs and concerns, and that God delights in hearing those prayers. Another great privilege is that we can bear one another’s burdens and pray for one another. A prayer list is a reminder to pray for people who have specific needs. If you want to put someone’s name on the prayer list, please make sure that person is willing to have their name and need shared publicly. We will include the name on the prayer list normally for 3 weeks, or as long as they are in a critical state and we have updates on their condition to share from time to time. To include their names in this prayer list, please contact Carolyn at 320-239-3418 or via email at


We pray with Joy and Thankfulness in who God is

We Pray…

With Thanksgiving for…
Our pastor,  Becky Worner and her family

For Healing for 

All those who are struggling with Dementia, those battling addictions and all forms of physical diseases

For Comfort for
All those who mourn the passing of loved ones.

For Safety and Provision 

  Our nation’s military and their families

Compelled Ministries
The Peace of Jerusalem

Terebinth Refuge 

We Pray for Freedom from Religious Persecution

for Christians everywhere

We Pray for Wisdom to Hear God’s Voice and Follow God’s way for

Our congregation and its leaders

Governmental leadership at all levels and in all nations