Shalom is excited to engage in and support the mission of God in our community and throughout the world. Each quarter we set aside at least 11% of our general income to support and express Christ’s mission beyond our congregation. Our mission commitments for 2018 include:   SON Program :  SON stands for “Serving Our Neighbor” and each month, Shalom buys groceries for 10 to 15 families in need from the Starbuck and Glenwood area.  The food items are boxed and delivered to these families in order show the love of Christ in a practical way.  We take the command to “feed my sheep” both spiritually and literally.   Compelled Ministries/India Evangelical Team is a network of native missionaries who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and plant churches among unreached people groups in India and South Asia. In 2015 more than 1000 villages were reached with the Gospel for the first time, and now 200 native missionaries are being trained to pastor new believers! They also care for more than 500 children in orphanages and support 3000 children in being able to go to school, teach 5,500 illiterate adults to read and write, provide healthcare in remote areas that lack access to medical care, and give practical help and encouragement to persecuted Christians.  In addition to monthly support, Shalom holds a motorcycle ride each Fall to raise money for special projects such as purchasing motorcycles for missionaries, orphan support and building church buildings.   Minnewaska Area Youth for Christ:  Minnewaska Area Youth for Christ serves about 25 youth per week in Bible studies and recreational activities, many of whom do not have a church home.  We feel a strong tie to YFC as many of the junior high and high school youth who attend our Wednesday afternoon Soul Food program have also been involved with YFC.

Praise FM:  Is a Christian radio network of 8 stations in the Midwest and an internet streaming ministry that is heard round the world. Many Shalom members have their radios tuned to 101.5 or 103.9 FM  to be encouraged through worship music and Christian teaching throughout the day. We are excited to help support this ministry of spreading God’s Word and encouraging worshippers.
Love INC:  “Love  in the Name of Christ”,  is an organization that links together local churches, church volunteers and community organizations to help people in need in the local community.   A task force has been studying whether to develop a chapter in Pope County, and Shalom’s Mission Development team has given a resounding “Yes!”  We are excited to work across denominational lines to address community needs and see lives transformed through these relationships.
Terebinth Refuge: Terebinth Refuge is a Christ-centered non-profit shelter and transitional home that provides strength-based, trauma-informed healing and holistic services to women 18 and older who are escaping sexual exploitation and sex trafficking and assists their transition into a life of health, stability and independence. 

Other mission projects

are supported on a special fundraising basis and through designated offerings.
2nd Quarter Mission Development Team Report
                                                               After discussion it was agreed to allocate the funds as follows:
Compelled Ministries                       $1,500.00
Shalom SON Food Program            $ 1,260.00
World Vision – Famine Relief        $ 1,000.00
Love INC                                             $   150.00
Minnewaska Youth for Christ         $   100.00
Minnewaska Area School –             $  200.00 Rachel’s Assembly Challenge
Terebinth Refuge                               $   300.00 Total 2nd Quarter Missions          
                                                          $ 4,510.00