When will Shalom be open for weekend services?
We have been gathering for worship services since Sunday, July 12 at the Shalom Ministry Center (111 E. 5th Street). We continue to also welcome attendees via Zoom and YouTube livestreaming.

How many attendees will be allowed?
Current state guidelines allow 50% capacity, but to maintain the safe physical distancing between households we may not be able to seat as many. We will change capacity and seating requirements as state regulations change.

How long will the limited capacity be enforced?
As long as our state-elected officials are recommending. We will continue to limit capacity to ensure the health and well-being of our congregation, staff, volunteers, and communities. We currently have seating for about 35 people so attendance has not approached available capacity.

Do I need to register to attend the service?
Advance registration is not required, but we prefer that you do so that we can ensure safe seating for your household.

What if I’m not comfortable coming to a service yet?
That is okay! We know everyone has a different level of comfort, so please do what you feel is best for you and your family—whether that’s watching at home or joining us in person.

Is everyone required to wear a mask during services?
We are following the State of Minnesota guidelines which currently require masks for public gatherings. There are certain exceptions allowed under the latest guidance, and we honor that as well.

Will my temperatures be taken as I enter the campus?
No. However, please self-screen at home, and if you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and worship with us online.

How are the facilities being cleaned and prepared for worship services?

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available on the welcome table and ushers will encourage attendees to use prior to be seating.
  • Our services and guest interactions will be intentionally touch-free (e.g., no hugs or hand-shakes for now).
  • Per state guidelines, there will be more empty space between parties seated in the Ministry Center.
  • Extensive cleaning and disinfecting procedures will take place before and after every service.
  • Masks will be available.
  • All handout papers and pens have been removed from the Welcome Table and bulletins will not be used during this period of COVID risk abatement.

What will the service be like?
All the things you’re used to in our worship service will still be there! We will be using individual pre-packaged Communion elements that you may pick up prior to being seated.  Communicants will remain seated for the celebration of Communion, and each person will be instructed to throw their empty cup in the trash as they leave the service.  Initially, music will be pre-recorded and projected on the screen, and we’ll ask worshippers to sing in their hearts rather than aloud.

How can I give my tithe or offering to the church?
You can give online at, mail it to Shalom CLC, PO Box 418, Starbuck, MN  56381 or place in the canister located on the Welcome Table at Sunday’s worship service.

Will the kitchen at the Ministry Center be available for hospitality?
No. It will remain closed until state guidelines change.  

Will the online experiences you’ve created still be available?
Yes! We plan to continue online experiences. 

Why did Shalom wait longer than other churches to reopen?
Pastor Becky and our leadership spent many weeks in prayer and discussion about what would be best for the members and guests at Shalom. They determined mid-July offered more time to prepare a safe, comfortable experience and possibly increase capacity (from 10 or fewer to 25% and now 50%).

Will Shalom Ministry Center be open for other activities during the week?
Our weekday activities will resume at the Ministry Center, adhering to state guidelines, though some activities may continue to meet virtually. To stay up to date, visit our website. 

Is my small group allowed to meet?
Shalom Church is reopening groups to meet in person! Because your safety is important to us, it is recommended that in-person groups be limited to 20 people and group leaders will encourage members to follow CDC guidelines (e.g., handwashing, physical distancing, staying home if sick). Groups can also continue to meet virtually.