Hi Shalom,

Just a reminder that we’ll be using Zoom to “gather” for worship tomorrow morning at 9:30 and you’re welcome to sign in early. You will have control over whether your video camera is on – on most devices it’s an icon in lower left corner of your screen. We’d love to see your faces!  We’ll keep your microphones muted for most of the service to minimize distractions, but during the prayer time if you want to share a prayer concern or praise report you’ll be able to “raise your hand” and be able to talk to the group or use the “chat” function to type an instant message.  A few other tips:

·         Check the settings on your device to make sure media sound is turned up

·         You might need to enable permissions to turn your video camera on (Apple devices)

·         Consider sitting together and sharing a device, as you’ll likely have feedback if you try to have 2 devices in the same room

Sunday Worship Link:  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/978207363

We’ll also be livestreaming on YouTube and Facebook:



Tuesday morning Text study beginning at 9:30  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/803974144

Wednesday evening Psalm study is at 7:00 pm  https://us04web.zoom.us/j/127536361

I miss seeing you all, and even though this technology is a steep learning curve for many of us, I’m grateful that this available for us to stay connected. Let’s continue to worship and grow together as we are able in this season!


Pastor Becky




March 18, 2020


Dear Shalom,


The City of Starbuck has informed us that in compliance with state guidelines they are closing the Community Center for the next two weeks in hopes of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. That means we will not be able to gather for our regular Sunday morning worship at least through the end of March. In the face of this disappointing reality, I urge you to continue nourishing your spirit and soul with the Word of God and Christian fellowship in ways that are prudent in the midst of this pandemic. Here are some suggestions:

  • Continue to set aside time to worship on Sunday mornings in your home. I will be posting a sermon on our website www.shalomcommunitylc.com/media by Saturday evening. Many churches such as Gateway www.gatewaypeople.com livestream services over the internet or broadcast on TV, or you might use YouTube to find worship music with lyrics so you can easily sing along. If you are healthy, symptom-free and have no known exposure, perhaps you could gather with a few people in your home to read scripture, sing, pray, and share faith together.
  • If you cannot gather with others, call someone, read a passage of scripture or a devotion together over the phone, talk about what it means and pray for one another, for our church, our nation, our world.
  • At this point we plan to continue our Tuesday morning text study and Wednesday evening Bible study on the Psalms at the Ministry Center, though we will not be having soup suppers prior to the study, and all plans are subject to change as Health officials make recommendations. Consider meditating on the Psalm daily – this week it is Psalm 91, next week is Psalm 98. I encourage you to spend as much time reading or thinking on Scripture as you do with the news!


If you have not already done so, now would be a great time to set up online giving using the EasyTithe portal on our website https://www.shalomcommunitylc.com/giving It’s secure and simple, and you can make a one-time or recurring contribution. In the midst of fearful times, honoring the Lord in our finances is one of the ways we stand in faith and discover His faithfulness. Feel free to contact Monica Gosseling mkg57@hcinet.net (320) 894-5360 if you’d like help with using EasyTithe. Of course, you are also welcome to mail or drop off contributions at the Ministry Center. Shalom’s mailing address is PO Box 418, Starbuck MN 56381.


Even though for a while we cannot gather as freely in worship, learning and fellowship, we can still be connected and be the Body of Christ. Let us know if you have needs the congregation can help with. In these dark times, may the light of Christ in us grow brighter, stronger and be shared more fully with a world that needs His healing, love and peace.


God bless you, my brothers and sisters!



Pastor Becky




Football Sunday at Shalom

February 2nd, 2020

Come and join us as we hear from football players who are giving the Glory to God and sharing their faith.
These testimonies will bring encouragement and help build your faith. Hear how having a relationship with Jesus has molded
and shaped their lives.  After the service, we will be having a Fellowship Tailgating Party. 
We’re going to have a good time and enjoy some good food, after hearing the “GOOD NEWS!” 
See you Sunday 9:30am – February 2nd at the Starbuck Community Center!




Super Bowl Sunday At Shalom

Last Year’s Super bowl Sunday